Innovation is Global

Research and Development in Diabetes

Vice President of China Research, Bei Zhang, Ph.D., talks about Lilly's initiative to establish a research center in China that focuses on discovering innovative medicine to treat diabetes. With a large patient population, China provides an opportunity to better understand the disease and provide specialized medicines that meet the unique needs of patients worldwide.

Disease knows no boundaries. No county line or continental border can stop diabetes or cancer. From the Midwest of the United States to the coast of Argentina, we all know illnesses that touch our families and our neighbors. Lilly spans the globe looking to treat some of the world’s most pressing unmet medical needs.

Since our company was founded 135 years ago, Lilly has sought out new methods for treating difficult diseases. Most recently we have invested in a new research organization in China that focuses on diabetes. We hope this center will lead us to new innovations in diabetes treatment – like the introduction of the first insulin for humans in 1923.

With nearly 38,000 employees in 50 countries, we’re backed by the latest technologies in our industry. Our global approach recognizes that medicine can affect each person differently.

Innovation knows no borders, and neither do we.