Innovation is Personal

Government Affairs

Director of Government Affairs, Nate Miles, discusses Lilly's efforts to educate lawmakers about the pharmaceutical industry's impact on the country, the economy and their constituents. More importantly, Lilly focuses on working with lawmakers to make people's lives better.


We work to make lives better. It’s the foundation of our culture.

Millions of us have a personal connection with the need to find better treatments for patients. Whether it’s a friend with cancer or a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease, we know firsthand the power we have to make a difference. The belief in our work gives us the passion and strength to press on – even in the toughest of circumstances.  

What do we do?  

We aid the sick by helping doctors treat patients. We bring grandpa home from the hospital. We find treatments for diabetes. We create the happiness of well being.

We touch lives – everyday. And we know there’s more work ahead.