Innovation is Selective

Diversity in Clinical Trials

Neurologist and Medical Director, Eric Siemers, MD, explains Lilly's dedication to cutting-edge research techniques aimed at finding innovative treatments for Alzheimer's disease, one of the most devastating diseases of our time. As a leader in the field of Alzheimer's development, we're committed to slowing this disease that affects so many families.

Medical innovation is among the greatest challenges in science. For every 10,000 compounds researched in laboratories, just 100 are tested - and only one will become an actual medicine for patients.

The odds are often stacked against medical innovation. And yet, Lilly recognizes that perseverance is part of the innovation process. In fact, each lab discovery offers a learning opportunity – regardless of whether it produces a new medicine for patients. Today’s learning can lead to tomorrow’s innovative treatment. All the while, we’re working to improve the probability of success.

We have a strong pipeline of potential new medicines in several diseases areas. By being selective, we ensure that we are focusing our time and resources on finding meaningful solutions to vexing medical conditions.