Health Innovation

The Lilly Global Health Innovation Campaign

Global Health Innovation Campaign LogoNo single organization can solve all of the problems related to access to medicines. Therefore, we focus our efforts where we believe we can have the greatest impact. Increasingly, we are aligning our initiatives with our core business areas of focus, where we have experience and expertise.

In 2011, we launched a new platform, The Lilly Global Health Innovation Campaign, aimed at improving health for underserved populations. The campaign will advance treatment capabilities and improve outcomes through partnerships with leading global health organizations. Specifically, the campaign employs a novel approach that immediately benefits healthcare providers and patients and, in parallel, assesses program outcomes. The campaign's operational framework includes three components:

  • RESEARCH: Pilot new, comprehensive models of health care based on sophisticated research and detailed data collection.
  • REPORT: Work with well-respected partners to share data and lessons learned, and
  • ADVOCATE: Inform key stakeholders about program findings and encourage the adoption of proven, cost-effective solutions.

The campaign encompasses two of Lilly’s signature programs: our long-standing program, The Lilly MDR-TB Partnership and a newly-launched program, The Lilly NCD Partnership.