Connecting Hearts Abroad

Videos from Connecting Hearts Abroad Team Members

Our signature Connecting Hearts Abroad volunteer program requires no specialized skills or expertise—just a passion for making a difference. We’re giving our employees life-changing, eye-opening experiences that we believe will make them more passionate and knowledgeable world citizens. It’s an investment in developing communities, an investment in our employees, and an investment in Lilly’s future.

We selected 200 employees from 38 countries to participate in the first year of the program. (More than 1,800 Lilly employees applied for the opportunity). The Lilly volunteers are providing hands-on support in four categories: health care; caregiving for children and the elderly; teaching; and community development. Each service assignment includes eight or nine Lilly employees from a variety of business functions, from lab technicians to marketing associates to manufacturing specialists. Management, hourly, and salaried employees all have a chance to participate.

We’re partnering with Cross-Cultural Solutions, an international nonprofit that operates short-term volunteer programs in 12 countries. The organization has sent more than 25,000 volunteers to developing countries around the world.


"Lilly employees are some of the most exceptional people we've worked with. And Lilly is one of the most extraordinary companies we have ever worked with. The vision Lilly executives have shown in creating the Connecting Hearts Abroad program, and the humanity the volunteers have shown with their service, is truly inspiring and demonstrates the company's excellence and compassion. Lilly's commitment to sending 200 employees each year to serve as ambassadors in Africa, Asia, and Latin America shows Lilly’s commitment to its own mission of improving the lives of people who lack resources to obtain quality health care."

Steven C. Rosenthal

Executive Director
Cross-Cultural Solutions