We look for ways we can make a difference, both in the communities where our facilities are based and in the broader global community in which we operate. In recent years, we’ve worked to more closely align our investments with our business objectives to drive better results for our communities, for the people we serve, and for our company. We aim to demonstrate leadership by using our resources and our deep expertise to make a meaningful, measurable, and sustainable difference. At the local level, we focus our community investments on programs that improve patient outcomes, especially in Lilly’s therapeutic areas of expertise, such as diabetes, cancer, and mental health. In addition, we look for ways to enhance the quality of life in communities in which Lilly has a presence. In Indiana, for example, we are making significant commitments to improve K–12 education, with a priority on math and science.

Disaster Relief

When disasters strike, Lilly responds with cash and product contributions to help people in desperate situations. Every disaster is different, prompting a wide variety of needs. When responding, we take great care not to overburden the local infrastructure, so that our product donations are meaningful and impactful. We donate items that are specifically requested by relief agencies, partnering with them to best leverage our support.


  2007 2008 2009 2010
Product and Other  In-Kind Donations 240 297 335 373
Cash Contributions 75 53 70 57
Total Contributions 315 350 405 430

*Total chartable donations include funding from both Lilly   and the Lilly Foundation

We also join with the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), which brings together international medical product companies and humanitarian organizations to advance the quality of product donations through standards, education, and research. Lilly is a charter member of PQMD—which officially incorporated in 2000—and one of our employees sits on the PQMD executive committee.

In 2010, Lilly gave $4.2 million in donations in the wake of natural disasters. One of our biggest efforts followed the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. Lilly sent insulin and antibiotics—items that are critically needed following any disaster. Our support for Haiti’s recovery also included a grant by the Lilly Foundation to fund the transportation of two self-contained medical clinics from the United States to rural Haitian villages. The 40-foot by 8-foot “container clinics” are operated by Heart to Heart International, a U.S.-based humani­tarian organization.

In addition, we recently began a pioneering partnership with the American Red Cross to provide trained Lilly nurses and medical technicians who can volunteer at natural disaster sites. Lilly will give these employ­ees up to one paid week off to help out when needed.


Thinking Locally

As one of the largest employers in our headquarters state of Indiana, we have a big impact on our local economy. In 2010, for example:

  • The Lilly Foundation gave more than $16 million to Indiana organizations.
  • Lilly employees gave more than $7 million to charitable organizations with a presence in Indiana.**
  • Lilly spent just over $1 billion with more than 1,300 Indiana vendors.
  • Lilly paid 11,500 Indiana employees an average salary and benefits of $150,952 each.

** The total figure includes Lilly Foundation matching grants for employee donations.