Business Ethics

We introduce a medicine to the market only if we believe it addresses unmet patient needs. Once a product is approved for use, we communicate its benefits and risks; market it in compliance with our code of business conduct, company policies, and applicable legal requirements; and closely monitor results.

Providing trusted and timely information about our products is a vital part of our engagement with customers. Patients and prescribers need to navigate complex medical information to understand the benefits and risks of a medicine for a particular individual and condition, compared to alternative treatments.

Purchasers of health care services and regulators need the same kind of information to provide a macro view of patient populations’ needs. Our understanding of a drug’s efficacy and safety can change over time as a result of additional research and real-world clinical experience, so our customers need to receive regularly updated information.

We communicate product information to our customers in several ways. These include: direct interaction between our sales representatives and prescribers and payers; information provided to patients and physicians through the medicine’s package label and inserts; product websites; and in some markets, direct-to-consumer advertising. All communications about our products are reviewed and approved internally before use. Some communications, such as advertising, are also reviewed by regulators.