Patient Education

We partner with a number of organizations to provide education and support—including through the programs described below—to patients and their families. We translate our prevention-related materials into multiple languages for traditionally underserved communities.

Cancer Programs

Oncology On Canvas

The Lilly Oncology On Canvas℠: Expressions of a Cancer Journey Art Competition and Exhibition honors the journeys people face when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. The biennial competition invites individuals diagnosed with any type of cancer—as well as their families, friends, caregivers, and health care providers—to express, through art and narrative, the life-affirming changes that give their cancer journeys meaning. The result is a compelling art collection that provides insights into the wide range of emotions experienced by those touched by cancer.


In 2011, Lilly received a “Partnership in Hope” award from CancerCare, a U.S. nonprofit organization that provides free, professional support services to people affected by cancer. The organization recognized Lilly’s support of its counseling and education programs, especially for people diagnosed with lung, breast, and pancreatic cancers.


Diabetes Programs

Diabetes Conversations

The Diabetes Conversations programme was created by Healthy Interactions in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation and sponsored by Lilly Diabetes since 2008.

The programme features Conversation Map™ education tools, including Conversation Starter™ education tools and take-home resources. This innovative learning method, facilitated by a trained diabetes educator, uses interactive group participation to empower people with diabetes to become actively involved in managing the disease.

These education tools are now being used in more than 120 countries throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Canada, and Australia, with translations in more than 35 languages.

Lilly Camp Care Package

Lilly Camp Care Package

For more than 10 years, Lilly Diabetes has been one of the largest providers of insulin and glucagon, educational materials, volunteers, scholarships, and special guests to diabetes camps through the comprehensive Lilly Camp Care Package. Lilly Diabetes is dedicated to providing these personalized tools and resources to help children manage everyday experiences with diabetes while they’re at camp—and long after. In 2011, 104 diabetes camps participated in the Camps in Color program, an art-therapy-based initiative for children. Requesting camps received $2.4 million in insulin product and more than 19,000 educational bookpacks. Lilly also provides camp tuition support through its partnership with the American Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Education & Camping Association.


Peers for Progress

Peers for ProgressIn 2007, Lilly announced a $15 million commitment over five years to support Peers for Progress. This program, administered by the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, is designed to enhance peer support for those with diabetes. Support from peers can offer ongoing emotional, social, and practical assistance to improve outcomes. Peers for Progress advances and promotes peer-support programs around the world by extending the evidence base for peer support; establishing peer support as a core component of health care and prevention; and building a network of peer-support organizations around the world.

Diabetes and Disasters

In the wake of natural disasters, millions of individuals can be left stranded in their homes without power, utilities, or a way out. These situations can be dangerous for anyone, but they can be especially hazardous for people with diabetes. The management of diabetes requires daily medicines, which can make individuals particularly vulnerable in an emergency.

Lilly teamed up with the American College of Endocrinology to create a disaster preparedness plan for people with diabetes. The comprehensive checklist, available in both English and Spanish, was developed following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the years since, more than 10 million copies of Power of Prevention®: Diabetes Disaster Plan have been distributed throughout the United States. Copies of the plan are available for free download at Power of Prevention website. The disaster preparedness plan suggests the items patients should have on hand to keep themselves—and others—safe in the event of an emergency. For example, to ensure the safety of others, the kit suggests an empty water bottle or a similar container to hold used syringes, needles, and lancets used for medications.

Mental Health Programs

Lilly Reintegration Scholarship

People who are managing or recovering from mental illness often hear the word “reintegration.” It refers to the steps involved in rebuilding one’s life and re-entering society – holding a job, securing housing and building a circle of friends. To that end, since 1997, Lilly has partnered with the Center for Reintegration in offering the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship, a program that provides funding for tuition, books and lab fees to people living with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and related schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, so they may pursue and achieve their educational and vocational goals. Over the years, these scholarships have supported approximately 1,200 students at more than 300 colleges and universities. The graduation rate for incoming freshmen Lilly Reintegration Scholars is more than 70 percent, which is far greater than the national average of 55.5 percent. As well, Lilly Reintegration Scholars generally graduate with honors – not a requirement of the program but a reflection of the collective commitment to excellence these students share.

Lilly Reintegration Awards

Since 1995, the Lilly Reintegration Awards have recognized approximately 200 individuals or programs who are shining examples of recovery and resilience, as well as those who spend their lives providing treatment and support. In 2012, Eli Lilly began partnering with the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare to honor treatment teams, programs and services that provide assistance to individuals living with severe mental illness as they re-enter the community, as well as individuals with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia who provide hope and support to their peers. As part of the National Council Awards of Excellence Program, the Lilly Reintegration Awards also acknowledge local and national efforts to improve services and raise public awareness about the promise of reintegration for those affected. Award categories include advocacy, clinical medicine, employment, housing, social support, achievement and artistic contribution.

In Our Own Voice

In Our Own VoiceIn Our Own Voice (IOOV) is a unique public education program developed by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in which two trained consumer speakers share compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery. The program has been funded by Lilly since its inception. IOOV is an opportunity for those who have struggled with mental illness to gain confidence and to share their individual experiences of recovery and transformation. IOOV presentations are given to consumer groups, students, law enforcement officials, educators, providers, faith community members, politicians, professionals, inmates, and interested civic groups.


Give an Hour

Give an HourLilly is continuing its history of supporting programs that serve the men and women who have served the United States. The Lilly Foundation has provided a grant to Give an Hour and the American Psychiatric Foundation to heed the call of a growing public health crisis—the unmet mental health needs of returning soldiers and their families—to help U.S. veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The grant will be used to recruit and educate volunteer mental health professionals who will become part of a network aiming to bridge the gap in mental health services for soldiers returning from service, as well as their families.

Welcome Back Awards

Welcome Back AwardsOur Welcome Back Awards, established in 1998, honor individuals who have persevered in overcoming depression, helped others to do the same, or dedicated significant amounts of time and effort to spread awareness of the illness. Each year, an independent panel of national mental health experts selects honorees in five categories: lifetime achievement, destigmatization, community service, primary care, and psychiatry. Winners receive $10,000 to be donated to the nonprofit organization of their choice; lifetime achievement honorees receive $15,000 for their preferred nonprofit.

General Patient Outreach Programs

Lilly for Better Health

Lilly for Better HealthLilly for Better Health™ is a patient-focused resource available to community and health advocacy organizations, public and private health care providers, policymakers, and others interested in improving the health and well-being of their communities. Lilly for Better Health includes a website, conference exhibits, and printed materials, and reaches tens of thousands of customers directly each year at community events, programs, and health care conferences, offering valuable education materials and interactive assessment tools on a variety of health topics. The website, which was updated in 2011, spotlights Lilly partnerships and programs that focus on wellness, prevention, and disease management and offers on-demand access to health education materials using e-reader software.

Many Lilly for Better Health resources are available in both English and Spanish. Learn more at the Lilly for Better Health website.

A Healthy You! America’s Guide to Healthy Living

Buena Salud, Buena Vida. Su Guía de Recursos de Salud

A Healthy YouLilly created A Healthy You! America’s Guide to Healthy Living, a free pocket-sized health and wellness booklet that provides useful information on various health topics, as well as an extensive state-by-state listing of helpful resources throughout the country. The booklet is available in print and on the Lilly for Better Health™ website and is available in English and Spanish.

Lilly recently partnered with the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to provide the Spanish booklet to thousands of Hispanic Americans to help them lead healthier lifestyles and learn about prevention and management of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. NCLR is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States.

Healthy Family Home

Healthy Family HomeThe YMCA of the USA and Lilly have partnered to create Healthy Family Home to help American families make small changes in habits that can make a big difference in health. Healthy Family Home is designed to work in any home and in any community and allows families to pick the actions and health goals that make the most sense for them. The expectation is that the program will empower families to make wholesome choices each day to sustain an improved quality of life.