Diversity & Inclusion

We partner with advocacy groups, professional societies, community organizations, public and private health care administrators, and others to help reduce health disparities and address the unique health care needs of all communities. Our diversity commitment extends through the full spectrum of our business, including our clinical-trial strategy and our supply chain.

We are working to further embed diversity within the culture at Lilly by integrating it into every aspect of our business – from marketing practices to how we hire our employees – and we’re seeing good results. For example, we have twice been named to DiversityInc’s list of “Top 50 Companies for Diversity,” which is widely recognized as the premiere third-party diversity assessment in the United States. In the 2012 list, Lilly ranked 29th out of 587 companies that completed the survey. DiversityInc also cited Lilly in 2012 as a model of workplace flexibility for employees.

In recent years, we have increased our leaders’ accountability for developing diverse talent. Our senior leaders have performance objectives focusing on mentoring and career-path planning for women and diverse employees globally.

In 2010, approximately 53 percent of our U.S. workforce was male and 47 percent was female. Global numbers were 54 percent male, 46 percent female. Minority employees made up approximately 19 percent of our U.S. workforce, breaking down as follows: eight percent African American; seven percent Asian; three percent Latino; one percent two or more races; and less than one percent each American Indian/Alaska native and Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander.


7% African American

7% Asian

3% Hispanic

2% Other


Privacy Concerns

We were the first in our industry to formally implement a policy to protect the privacy of our employees' genetic information, with the goal of ensuring that such information cannot be used to discriminate in employment and benefit-related decisions.



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