Our Workplace

The early leaders of our company recognized that actions do speak louder than words— particularly where employees were concerned. “Intellectual capital” may be the modern term for it, but even early on, Lilly management understood that the knowledge and skills of Lilly people were the company’s most important assets. Today, we offer our workforce competitive compensation and benefits packages, and provide a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth. We aim to create an environment where employees can balance work and personal life responsibilities. We provide employees with opportunities to build careers that reward them personally and professionally, while helping our company advance its vision to improve patient outcomes.

In our business, effective leadership is essential, so we have created programs and activities designed to build leadership skills. Our long-term responsibility is to ensure Lilly has a talent pipeline for the future. Just as Lilly has to think many years in advance to plan our drug pipeline, we need to do the same for our people pipeline.

Total Global Workforce*

U.S. Workforce

Outside U.S. Workforce

Approximate number of languages spoken at Indianapolis headquarters.

Estimated percentage of workforce at headquarters born outside the United States.

*Employee data as of June 30, 2011

Effective employee collaboration is critical to Lilly’s success, and we work to engage our employees, and foster and promote teamwork. Even in a challenging business environment, we believe it’s important to invest in employee development with programs such as Connecting Hearts Abroad. This new signature employee engagement program invites 200 employees a year to volunteer, on company time, for two weeks in 10 different countries around the world. Our volunteers are working in communities where people lack access to basic resources, including quality health care.