Chinese Culture Network (CCN)

Tom XiaoLilly’s Chinese Culture Network (CCN) was formed in 1995 to build a Chinese community at Lilly that enhances the working and living environment and improves the multicultural competency of all Lilly employees.

The network has played an important role in educating employees at Lilly about the business opportunities that exist in China and regularly conduct language and cultural training sessions for employees and leaders.

Every year the CCN also hosts a Chinese New Year celebration that includes food and a variety of cultural experiences such as music, dancing and language, to educate employees about Chinese culture. The group also plays a pivotal role in the Indianapolis Chinese Festival, sponsoring many exhibits and providing dozens of volunteers.

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  • Create, promote and build a spirit of fellowship, friendliness, unity and loyalty in daily contact with one another
  • Foster and organize activities for education and entertainment
  • Provide networking support to one another in becoming successful Lilly employees

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