Lilly India Network (LIN)

Wilfred MascarenhasLilly India Network (LIN), formed in 2001, actively promotes the understanding of Indian culture at Lilly and provides a forum for support, mentoring and networking opportunities to Lilly employees and collaborators by:

  • Helping make Lilly a desirable employer for people of Indian origin
  • Helping to create a Lilly culture where members can achieve their maximum potential
  • Helping each employee effectively contribute to the success of Lilly

Focus Areas and Activities

LIN is focused on cultural awareness, employee development and community service. This includes conducting cultural events such as SANGAM, spreading cultural awareness and actively engaging in corporate outreach activities like Connecting Hearts Abroad Ambassador’s program.

In recent years, LIN members also have provided business value at Lilly by educating and equipping employees traveling to India, sharing tips and cultural information.

SANGAM, the annual signature event of LIN to celebrate and showcase Indian culture, has been co-sponsored by India Association of Indianapolis and co-funded by the Lilly Foundation for several years. Net proceeds collected from the event are donated to charitable community causes.

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