Middle Eastern Network at Lilly (MENAL)

Anna BurnhamThe Middle Eastern Network at Lilly (MENAL) is a global employee resource group that provides the opportunity to learn, share and celebrate Middle-Eastern culture, while unifying and developing meaningful relationships across the organization.

The organization welcomes any Lilly employee who has a background or interest in Middle-Eastern culture.

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  • Celebrate and raise awareness of the Middle Eastern culture within Lilly and throughout Indiana.
  • Increase awareness of the accomplishments of Americans of Middle Eastern background
  • Provide networking, learning, mentoring and development opportunities for members of the group
  • Work with other employee resource groups to forge stronger ties and foster Lilly’s commitment to create an inclusive and diverse work environment

Events & Initiatives

  • Sponsor fairs and activities to increase understanding and appreciation of the Middle Eastern culture (values, history, geography, diversity of races and religions, food and other aspects of the Middle East culture)
  • Contribute to the community as a group through organized volunteer efforts
  • Establish appropriate mentoring relationships
  • Support and encourage each other's professional development 

MENAL Gallery

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