Working and Living With Disabilities (WLD)

Megan FogartyWorking and Living with Disabilities (WLD) is committed to removing barriers and attracting, engaging and retaining talent living with disabilities. Individuals who have language barriers, communications and physical challenges have no boundaries.

WLD is open to people of all genders, ethnicities, cultures and religions. WLD helps Lilly employees better understand the needs of individuals who are unique which helps create a better understanding of our patients’ needs.


WLD works with Lilly and the community at large in pursuit of the following aims:

  • Promote awareness at Lilly to achieve a better understanding of the capabilities and talents of individuals who may have "language barriers, and communications and physically challenges"
  • Provide opportunities at Lilly to better understand the inordinate challenges that such individuals have overcome and how that level of perseverance applies to their abilities at Lilly
  • Discuss and openly communicate issues and concerns that may impact WLD and members’ successes
  • Develop solutions for improving communications among our members and all at Lilly
  • Collaborate with internal and external groups sharing similar objectives to meet additional needs within Lilly and within the community