Healthcare Reform

Lilly supports access to affordable, private health care coverage for all Americans.  With a diverse population of more than 300 million people, all with individual needs, there is no single solution for health care reform in the United States.

Lilly believes that effective health care policy is contingent upon a balance between access, quality and cost. We support healthcare reform packages that extend healthcare access to those who currently lack it, while preserving or improving access for those who have it today. This includes improving outreach to enroll individuals in public programs for which they are eligible.

Lilly prefers free-market solutions over government-managed systems. Giving Americans the same tax benefits whether they purchase health care coverage individually or through their employer, enacting medical liability reforms, and expanding Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and other consumer-directed coverage models, would encourage participation in the health care system.

Lilly supports patient-centered practices that enable individuals, along with their physicians and healthcare providers, to make informed choices regarding their health care. Health insurance benefit designs should foster the physician-patient relationship and recognize the essential role of prescription medicines and other innovations in providing cost-effective health care.

Lilly does not support single-payer systems. These government systems have been given numerous chances to work in other nations, and evidence suggests they are far from ideal. Single-payer systems restrict access, ration care, eliminate competition, and hinder quality improvements by limiting innovation.

The government's role should be primarily one of financial and administrative support for the health care infrastructure, e.g., subsidizing and facilitating standards for rapidly implementing medical information technology, setting quality standards, and supporting a safety net.

Lilly has four principles of healthcare reform. They are:

  • Lilly supports reforms that protect and encourage patient choice in the management of their health and the health of their families.
  • Lilly supports healthcare reforms that enable patients as responsible participants in their health, while requiring accountability to patients by all participants in the healthcare arena – including insurers, healthcare providers (HCPs), payers, regulators and innovators.
  • Lilly supports healthcare reforms that protect and promote free-market competition by rewarding providers and innovators based on quality and value provided to the patient.
  • Lilly supports reforms to U.S. health care that improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, thus reducing waste and system costs.