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Job Search FAQs
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Job Search FAQs

Who has access to my online resume?

Your basic contact information (e.g., name, address, phone, e-mail) will be available to Lilly personnel involved in the recruiting process, so you may be contacted about the position for which you are submitting your resume. You are not able to specify who may retrieve or view your information.

Lilly will use personal information (e.g., name, contact information, work history, etc.) that you provide for recruitment and employment purposes only.

If necessary for employment purposes, your personal information may be transferred to other personnel within Lilly and organizations outside of Lilly which assist in recruiting processes by providing products and services to Lilly (such as those which assist Lilly with screening prospective employees and on-boarding new hires; pension and benefit coordinators; and compensation administrators), as well as regulatory authorities or as required by law. Click to view our Privacy Policy.

Will you contact my current or previous employers or attempt to gather any other information about me once I submit my resume?

We will not contact your current or past employers, nor attempt to gather additional information about you, without your authorization - which comes at a later point in the recruitment process.

Who can I contact for questions about the Lilly careers site?

Please read these FAQs to see if there is an answer to your question. If you experience any problems with this careers site as you search or apply for roles, please contact​

Do I have to have an account to search and submit my resume for a job?

No, you do not need an account to search for a job on our site. However, you must have an account to submit a resume for a job. Once you have an account, you can create automated searches that will notify you by e-mail of new openings that meet your criteria. Additionally, you can store resumes, documents, and complete contact information that can be used as part of the resume submission process. An account can be created even if you do not submit a resume for a job.

Can I select multiple items from the drop-down lists in the job search?

For drop-down lists that allow multiple choices, click on the first item you want to include, then hold down the appropriate key while mouse-clicking another item. For PC users, the appropriate key is the ctrl (control) key; Macintosh users should hold down the command key or shift key, depending on your particular computer model. For sequential items in a list, you can click your mouse on the first item, then, hold down the shift key and mouse click at the end of the range of items listed.

How do I navigate through multiple pages of job search results?

Each page of search results will have a line showing the number of pages to be displayed as a result of running the search. You may view any page in any order by clicking on the page number links, or by clicking next.

Can I submit a resume for more than one job at a time?

Yes. Using our job cart, you may submit your resume for up to 3 jobs at one time.

How can I be sure the position for which I submitted my resume online has not already been filled?

Positions posted on our site represent openings that are current at the time they are posted. Position postings are updated frequently, including being removed from the site once they are filled. When you submit your resume for a position, your resume will be placed among others being considered. If your resume is the best match to the position's requirements, a Lilly representative will contact you.

I forgot my password to access my account. How can I obtain my password?

Use the "Forgot your password" feature on the login page. This will send a temporary password and link to the email provided. You will be prompted to change your password and then be able to access your account.

If you are not receiving the "Forgot your password" emails, then make sure that your email SPAM and other filters will allow receipt of information from both * and * domains. To protect your privacy, Lilly does not maintain access to your data on and does not have direct access to reset your password.

If there are no relevant openings for me, can I send in a speculative resume?

If there are no relevant openings available, you may still set up an account with a saved search. This will enable us to contact you when and if any suitable openings become available. We recommend that you return to the site regularly to search for new openings to make sure you don't miss what you're looking for.

I no longer wish to be contacted or considered for job opportunities. What should I do?

If you would like to stop receiving e-mail notifications, update your account and delete any saved searches that are active.

Salary ranges of positions are not listed - why?

Lilly pays competitively for positions and as a rule does not publicize salaries, salary ranges, or salary scales. Because of variation in position requirements, individual candidate education and work history, skills and specific experience, salaries are set on an individual basis within established guidelines for compensation at Lilly.

If I was referred for a specific position and was not hired, will you consider my resume for other opportunities?

To be considered for other positions, you will need to submit your resume online for each position of interest. Please continue to search for open positions, or you may set up a saved search to be notified when positions matching your criteria are posted.

What's the best way to format my resume?

Please keep in mind that the application will try to parse your resume to complete as much data as possible for you. So, when designing your resume for our online submission, keep the format simple, with name, address and contact information at the top. You may upload your resume if it is in MS Word and less than 1MB; otherwise you will need to paste your resume into the space provided. The best formats to use are (1) text file with line breaks or (2) html. If you save a copy of a formatted text document as a text file with line breaks or as html, you can paste it in during the online resume submission process.

Should I submit more robust information, such as research papers, a full CV, drawings, etc.?

Additional documents can be uploaded and saved as part of your account, or you will be given the opportunity upload documents as part of the resume submission process. You may provide up to 10 attachments with a files size limit of 2MB each.

Can I send my resume or give it to someone who works at Lilly?

In order to be formally considered for employment at Lilly, you must submit your resume online for open positions through the Lilly Careers website. If more information is required, a Lilly representative will contact you. Our online resume submission process is the place where you can enter your resume information, and is designed to provide you a fair opportunity to be considered for potential opportunities at Lilly.

How do I update my resume or contact information? Also, what if I discover a mistake in my resume or application data after I submit it?

You can update your submission information by resubmitting your resume to additional position(s). You will need to complete the entire resume submission process again. When you resubmit, multiple data checks will occur to match your new record to the old. Once your records are matched, your data will be updated. Note: if you have been contacted by Lilly about the position and your candidacy is being reviewed, please make these changes through your Lilly contact.

How should I prepare for an interview with Lilly?

The key to predicting how you will perform in a job is to collect and examine examples of how you performed in similar situations in the past. To evaluate your past performance, Lilly uses a behavioral-based interviewing process. You'll be asked to provide specific and complete behavioral examples of your past experiences, projects, etc. Our interviews are targeted for the specific job for which you are applying.

Does Lilly provide corporate responsibility guidelines?

Visit our link at Responsibility to find out more about our commitment to corporate responsibility.

What are the computer requirements to browse and submit my resume for a position through the website?

You can browse with both PC and Macintosh computers and a variety of Internet browsers. For best results, you should be using one of these supported browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 6.0+
  • Firefox 11.0+
  • Safari 5.0+
  • Chrome 18+
Candidates must have cookies and java scripting enabled. It is also recommended that you have an electronic version of your resume available as you move through the application process.

What type of response will I receive after I submit a resume for a job?

Please feel free to view any interim updates through the "View Your Status" feature on your account on Additionally, your qualifications will be evaluated for the specific job for which you submitted your resume. If you are identified as being competitive, a member of U.S. Recruiting & Staffing will contact you directly.

If I'm not selected for one position, can I submit my resume for another position? When?

You may submit your resume for as many positions as meet your qualifications.

What type of response can I expect following an interview?

Your recruiter will contact you regarding your status after your interview.

How do I correctly enter education data?

For education data, at least one complete record must be entered. Please feel free to enter as many education records as are appropriate using the "Add" button. We do ask that you include educational records for any degree which you are currently working by indicating the anticipated future graduation date.

Where is the pre-employment screen (PES) and how do I access it?

To access the pre-employment screening, you must first complete two actions:

  • Submit your resume to at least one sales position
  • Answer the screening questions

Depending on how you respond to the screening questions, you may or may not be directed to take the pre-employment screen. If you need to reconnect to the PES or print the results, please use this link:


What does IT look like in a pharmaceutical company?

IT supports the business to help deliver first-in-class or best-in-class medicines. We deliver the greatest value when we understand how to enable the business to use technology to achieve its goals.

What areas of the company does IT support and what are the responsibilities?

We have IT groups that support Discovery Research, Product Development, Clinical Research, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, and the Administrative areas, such as Finance, Legal, and Human Resources. We also have a core group that supports our IT infrastructure, including networks, platforms, and common services.

What is a typical job in IT?

We don’t have a standard job/position for new hires. Each position has unique aspects based on the work to be performed and the other members of the team. We have defined several standard roles (e.g. Technology Integrator, Quality Analyst, Test Lead, Business Analyst, Project Manager, etc.) and in most cases, a person plays more than one of those roles in a position.

What type of IT standards does Lilly follow?

To be more competitive internally and externally, Lilly utilizes some of the major external bodies of knowledge (BOK) including Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), SoftWare Engineering BOK (SWEBOK®), Project Management BOK (PM BOK®), Business Analysis (BA BOK®), Quality Engineer BOK (CSQE BOK™), and Security Common BOK (CBK®).

What does Lilly really want from an IT professional?

In addition to core technical competency, leadership and team skills, and learning agility, we are looking for individuals that would like to expand their expertise across multiple roles. This versatility promotes a more agile organization that is better able to respond to our customers needs.

What opportunities are there for development in IT at Lilly?

Our IT Career Framework is designed to offer career development by encouraging employees to partner with supervisors to identify areas for growth and future roles. These become part of a Development Plan and are reviewed regularly.

How will Lilly help me keep abreast of emerging trends and technologies?

Lilly is committed to the continued education of our employees. We have several resources available, both internally and externally, that offer training. Each year we host an internal Technology Conference, bringing in many outside experts in emerging areas. We also offer tuition reimbursement should you desire to take courses outside of Lilly.

How are Lilly IT careers affected by the national outsourcing trend?

At Lilly, technology is leveraged as a strategic enabler to the goals of the business. Our organization recognizes the significant importance that information plays within our business strategy and thus, we play a pivotal role in connecting innovation to our patients. As part of our on-going commitment to deliver life-saving medicines to patients, we must continue to transform the way in which we do business. We have and will continue to outsource some IT work to external service providers to gain economies of scale and to leverage, on-demand market-based capabilities, as appropriate. This allows us the opportunity to leverage Lilly employees on the most strategic and patient focused work.

What does Lilly offer that I can't get from a technology company?

Lilly offers you the opportunity to deliver “Answers That Matter.” The work that we do directly impacts the lives of patients. It is so rewarding to hear the positive stories from patients and families about how our medicines have impacted their lives.

Lilly Leadership Development Program FAQs

Why does Lilly have a leadership development program?

Based on analysis of internal feedback and data, the LLDP is one of five initiatives implemented to engage, develop and retain top talent. This program is consistent with Lilly's commitment to the development of future leaders of the organization.

Who participates in LLDP?

New MBA graduates who have been recruited to Lilly and have demonstrated strong potential for leadership.

What functions are incorporated into the LLDP?

Primary functions include marketing, finance and human resources. However, any function which hires a cMBA is a part of the LLDP.

How many are in an LLDP class?

The size of an LLDP class varies upon the recruiting needs from year to year. The average size of Lilly’s global cMBA hiring is approximately 30.

What is a cMBA?

cMBA is a Lilly term that stands for 'Corporate MBA.' cMBAs are recruited from targeted schools that consistently rank in the top tier of business schools. cMBAs are also identified through specific diversity recruiting initiatives including: Consortium of Graduate Management Study, National Black MBA, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and various university scholarship initiatives. The primary method Lilly uses to recruit cMBAs is through the 10-week summer internship program.

How much time does it take to participate in LLDP?

Lilly operates on a 70-20-10 learning model. Seventy percent of learning occurs in the full-time work assignment; twenty percent is learned through coaching; ten percent is learned through formal means such as on-line or classroom. LLDP modules utilize four channels of learning: coached, on-line, classroom, and experiential (hands-on experiences). Time away from the responsibilities of the job is less than thirty percent.

Are international MBA students considered for the LLDP?

Yes, LLDP includes US based corporate MBAs and International MBAs who are located in specific countries that the company has targeted for growth.

Are rotational assignments a part of the LLDP?

The focus of LLDP is on development of the leadership skills of the participants. However, within each function there is a development map that typically spans two different assignments.

What is the length of the LLDP?

Three years. The period of participation in LLDP begins when a corporate MBA joins Lilly in their initial assignment and extends through the first 36 months.

What happens upon completion of the LLDP?

Upon successful completion of the LLDP, the cMBA progresses into the pool of other Lilly high potentials to continue in professional development.

What about promotion?

Promotions are not within the scope of the LLDP. Dependent upon the needs of the business, career goals of the participant and recommendation by the supervisor, graduates of the LLDP may be considered for promotional opportunities.

Is it possible to change functional homes?

The path to senior leadership at Lilly is built through developing functional expertise. If a cMBA wants to change functional homes, they need to work with their supervisor on an individual basis.

When will the leadership assessment take place for LLDP participants?

Lilly will evaluate the cMBA during the corporate succession management process between 24-36 months in their career. This evaluation takes place in the spring of the year using a formal Talent Identification tool and process, conducted by line management.

Do senior executives support the LLDP?

The LLDP has support from the CEO of the company and the highest senior leader in each participating function. These leaders actively participate in various aspects of the program.

How long has the LLDP been in existence?

Functional development programs have been in existence at Lilly for several years. LLDP is an integration of these programs supplemented by other development experiences and training. The enhanced curriculum was launched in the spring of 2007.

Will LLDP participants have an international experience?

Since Lilly is a global company, it is likely the cMBA will have international exposure through their full-time assignments. However, based on individual development plans, there are opportunities to have an OUS assignment, project or work with Lilly's international affiliates. These international opportunities are not managed through LLDP.

Will program participants receive regular feedback?

Feedback is an integral part of the Lilly culture. LLDP participants will receive feedback primarily through their immediate supervisor who is responsible for performance management and developmental action plans. These discussions occur on a regularly scheduled basis, but can be held anytime at the request of the cMBA. Additional feedback will be shared from partners, customers, mentors, senior leaders and others who interact with the cMBA.

Is there a formal orientation for the new LLDP participants?

Yes, in January following the year in which a cMBA joins Lilly, the new class of LLDP participants is invited to headquarters for a detailed explanation of the program, expectation setting, and interactive presentations by executives representing various functions in the organization.

Postdoctoral Fellowship FAQs

How long are Postdoctoral Fellows enrolled in the Program?

Generally, Postdoctoral Fellows are enrolled in the program for two years. The assignment is structured as a one-year term and is renewable for a second year. There is an option to extend the assignment into a third year and in some cases a fourth year with special line management approval.

What opportunities do Postdoctoral Fellows have to collaborate with other scientists?

Postdoctoral Fellows at Lilly have the opportunity to collaborate with other Lilly Postdoctoral Fellows, with external scientists and with Lilly staff scientists. Collaborations with Lilly scientists must be carefully structured to ensure the Postdoctoral Fellow works on projects that permit prompt publication.

Where do Postdoctoral Fellows go after completion of the program? What is breakdown between industry and academia?

Approximately 75% of Lilly Postdoctoral Fellows find jobs within the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, the remaining 25% find jobs in academia or government research or other.

How easy is it to publish as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lilly?

Lilly postdoctoral projects must all be publishable, after filing patent applications when appropriate.

Can Postdoctoral Fellows attend scientific conferences? How many?

Yes. Lilly provides travel resources to at least one scientific meeting per year.

Is the Postdoctoral Fellow Program used as a recruiting tool by Lilly?

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at Eli Lilly and Company is not intended as a primary recruiting tool to fill Lilly senior scientist positions. The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides a Fellow with valuable training so that the individual can accept opportunities in industry or academia upon completion of the Lilly Fellowship.

How many Postdoctoral Fellows are in the program at any given time?

The number of Postdoctoral Fellows at Lilly varies due to a number of factors such as the decisions of Postdoctoral Fellows to leave the program to pursue other opportunities in industry or academia or to extend their Fellowship into a third or fourth year. The number of new Fellowships which will be funded each year is determined through the annual business planning process.


Do I receive any benefits as a Postdoctoral Fellow?

Yes. Postdoctoral Fellows are Lilly employees and are eligible for many, but not all benefits. Some of the Postdoctoral Fellow benefits include: Health Plan, Vacation, Illness Pay, Flextime, Lilly Savings Plan (401K), Employee Parking, On-site Child Care, Credit Union, Financial Planning, Adoption Reimbursement, and Employee Services, including the Lilly Fitness Center.

Does Lilly offer relocation assistance for Postdoctoral Fellows?

Yes. Lilly provides relocation assistance to Postdoctoral Fellows, which includes a house hunting trip, transportation expenses, temporary accommodations, household goods move expenses, and real estate assistance.

Lilly is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status.​​