Recruiting Process

Recruitiing Process 

At Lilly, we are committed to attracting top talent. We want people who ask the tough questions, and are equally steadfast in finding the solutions. We want people who embrace our values, and manifest the qualities of true leaders. People who are flexible and adapt. And most of all, people who have the ability to help us tackle complex issues in the world of health care.

So how do we attract this caliber of talent? By making the application process as streamlined as possible. This is why we’re able to quickly fill positions with the best candidates to meet our business needs, continuing to give Lilly its competitive edge.

Recruiting Process

  • Resumes received through our website are reviewed & screened for key talent
  • Face-to-face interviews are scheduled with selected individuals

How to Apply

There are several ways to apply for an opportunity with Lilly. You may search on this site and apply online for a position that matches your interest. Once your profile is in our system, we will contact you if we see a match with our available opportunities.

As a student, if Lilly is attending an event on your campus, you may apply directly through your campus placement office to pre-register for an interview with us during our visit. Once again, we ask that you apply online via this site to be formally considered for a position.

We also meet students through association and professional organizations. Please see the internship section of the student experience on this site for a complete list.

Interview Tips

Do your homework. Check out and the careers section to gather as much information about Lilly as you can so you are prepared. Talk to friends, alumni and even current employees for perspective.

Dress for success. Whether you’re on campus or at our corporate headquarters, it is important to make a great first impression. Professional attire is recommended.

Relax and be yourself. Let yourself become fully engaged in the interview process by using real life examples and situations as responses to interview questions. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Update your resume. You should easily be able to discuss your strengths, work history, and your interests by using your resume as your guide.

Ask questions. Arrive prepared with questions about Lilly, training and development, and advancement opportunities. Ask about the job expectations and responsibilities.

Creative thinking. Our interviewers may ask you how you solved a certain problem or what steps you took to resolve a situation. This is a good indicator of how you will handle yourself in the future.

Enthusiasm. We love to see excited, passionate, creative candidates. Be dynamic, engaging and confident during your interview.

Lilly Interview Style

You will need to submit your profile online and bring a copy of your transcripts to the interview.

At Lilly we use a behavioral interviewing system that is based on the idea that past behaviors and experiences will predict how qualified a candidate is for a position.

The system has two portions. First, the dimensions portion requires a candidate to have certain qualifications. Secondly, the interview portion has an interviewer ask each candidate the same set of questions to determine the best fit.

Review your resume and come prepared to share your experiences and qualifications.


Lilly is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status.​​