Visiting Scientist Fellowship

Visiting Scientist

The Visiting Scientist Fellowship is a one-year, postgraduate program that introduces participants to various medical, marketing, and regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. It is designed to train professionals for a career in the pharmaceutical industry by allowing them "hands-on" experience with the drug development process. The visiting scientist fellow is assigned to one department, yet has continuous contact with other functional areas.

Visiting Scientist Fellowship Opportunities

US Health Outcomes: Research and Customer Engagement

As the need for evidence and the demand for value continue to rise in the US, US Health Outcomes (USHO) is uniquely positioned to generate the real world evidence needed to support the value of Lilly products and directly engage customers to answer their questions.

Real World Outcomes Scientists develop, execute, generate, and deliver on the research plans that support the value of Lilly products and enable value based customers to make better access decisions for their populations. Real World Outcomes Liaisons directly interact with the most important value based customers in the US to synthesize, communicate, and translate the research into meaningful and actionable evidence for those decision makers. They then bring the customer feedback and insights into the company to ensure the evidence we produce is timely, relevant, credible, and answers our customers’ questions. Together, the USHO scientists and liaisons create a virtuous cycle of generating and communicating real world evidence to US value based customers. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Interact with USHO Real World Outcomes Scientists to understand and support the research plans and projects for specifics brands and learn HO research concepts as appropriate.
  • Interact with USHO Real World Outcomes Liaisons to understand and support external value based customer responses and interactions as needed.
  • Learn and use the scientific, clinical, health outcomes, and product knowledge relevant to their assignment, specific to one or across multiple brands.
  • Support the successful launch of Lilly products in the US Affiliate by making specific project level contributions under the leadership of USHO team members
  • Learn and leverage the knowledge of USHO, GPORWE, and the US Affiliate to enable success.
  • Consistently exhibit the Lilly Values and Lilly Leadership Behaviors expected of any Lilly employee and be an excellent ambassador for USHO internally and externally.

Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing Services

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Learn the application and integration of key project management processes and tools across teams, projects and functional areas to deliver clinical trial material with quality, on time, on budget and within scope.
  • Lead CTMMS initiatives to enhance the delivery the right drug to the right patient at the right time while ensuring alignment with the global clinical strategies.
  • Partner with cross-functional CTMMS groups to provide project management support.
  • Utilize excellent self–management, leadership, communication and organizational skills to effectively manage upward and cross-functional leadership.
  • Develop risks and mitigation strategies, documentation of key team asset information, and ensures project teams and leadership are kept up to date.

Data Sciences/Solutions

The Data Sciences and Solutions (DSS) organization is responsible for global consistency of medical data including structure, content and meaning, acquisition, storage, retrieval, interchange and representation. This requires an in- depth understanding of data collection, data flow management, data quality, data technology, data archiving and data standards. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Leverage scientific knowledge to serve as a liaison between DSS and medical to champion and support DSS strategy for data collection to delivery.
  • Influence through collaboration, data strategies and solutions to deliver data required to answer the scientific questions raised during the drug development lifecycle of the molecule.
  • Be accountable for understanding techniques, approaches and data sources within the DSS strategy will be essential to meet the current and emerging business needs; e.g. adaptive designs, tailored therapeutics, quantitative pharmacology, external clinical, medical and claims databases, and electronic health records.
  • Provide scientific expertise and project oversight to ensure successful data flow that will deliver quality data which will allow for more accurate analysis.

US Field Medical Liaison Organization

The US Field Medical teams strive to provide therapeutic area expertise and unique external knowledge to meet the scientific, educational, and professional requests of external key opinion leaders, health care professionals, and health system leaders while connecting key research capabilities between the field and Lilly. These roles are the primary point of contact for responding to external medical requests or questions and sharing clinical insights back into the company to support portfolio decisions and the development of Lilly response literature. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Serve as an internal point of contact and collaborate with field-based medical liaisons to support the requests of external scientific experts.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing, process improvement, and support key projects.
  • Participate in efforts to understand and implement customer feedback related to Lilly responses and field medical interactions.
  • Participate in research initiatives to understand the external healthcare environment and how best to interact with customer groups.
  • Observe in-field interactions between Medical Liaisons and Scientific Experts.

Clinical Development Innovation

Clinical Development Innovation (CDI) team at Lilly leads the development of new ideologies and capabilities in clinical research. Our main function is to act as the idea machine behind innovation in next generation clinical trial development that focuses on patient centricity and ultimately decreases time to market for new medications. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Work closely with the CDI team in a tech heavy setting to create and foster new ideas while supporting their implementation.
  • Aid in vetting out possibilities to determine feasibility, experiment with new technology application, show proof of concepts, and present stories in multimedia rich formats.
  • Give input, as a medical professional, to the development of new software and technologies that improve patient experience and speed up clinical trial processes.
  • Take lead roles on projects that influence Lilly strategy in the development of future clinical research systems.

Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence - Center of Expertise

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Provide scientific expertise and effective project oversight to ensure successful fulfillment of outcomes and real world evidence research agendas to deliver better patient outcomes that are valued by payers and providers.
  • Focus on diseases and/or treatments that Lilly is developing and which span the entire lifecycle of product development and commercialization.
  • Be responsible for the conduct, quality, and integrity of outcomes and real world evidence studies and scientific disclosures resulting from this research.
  • Demonstrate and apply in-depth knowledge, understanding, and evaluation of clinical, economic, and/or patient reported outcomes methodologies.
  • Support projects focusing on key health- care policy issues that impact patient outcomes.

Regulatory Affairs: Central Regulatory Registrations

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of regulations and guidelines and how they apply to regulatory registrations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the drug development process to build robust registration plans, and to influence teams regarding registration applications.
  • Own the operational aspects of the regulatory registration for the lifecycle of the registration record.
  • Partners with the regulatory scientist to proactively manage the registration application content.
  • Demonstrate and apply deep understanding of regulations and guidance for compliance submissions.
  • Lead registration application planning and execution to ensure meeting regulations while meeting team needs.
  • Influence and partner within GRA and cross-functionally to ensure operational consistency while meeting team needs.

Regulatory Affairs: Labeling

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Develop and update Core and US labeling based on internal guidelines, internal procedures, and US FDA regulations and guidance.
  • Apply labeling regulations, competitor knowledge, regulatory precedent to evaluate and set labeling parameters, understand and communicate the impact of decisions, influence drug development strategy and propose feasible language for marketed product labeling updates to influence commercially viable labeling.
  • Network with affiliates to improve labeling processes.

Regulatory Affairs: Regulatory Policy

This is a split role between US and International Regulatory Policy. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Identify and assess external regulatory trends with potential to positively or negatively impact the ability of the pharmaceutical industry to bring innovative treatments to market.
  • Develop Lilly positions on key regulatory policy issues and advocate for policy change in the US, Europe, and other countries.
  • Cultivate opportunities to engage in external multi-stakeholder coalitions to achieve shared regulatory policy objectives.
  • Lead policy initiatives to enhance global regulatory compatibility.
  • Contribute to briefings and updates for Lilly senior leadership.

Regulatory Affairs: Advertising and Promotion

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Understand the FDA regulations and guidance documents and how they apply to advertising and promotion.
  • Attend US brand team meetings regularly and actively participate in making recommendations regarding proposed promotional activity plans.
  • Stay apprised of the external environment related to promotion and advertising and potential ramifications on the pharmaceutical industry.

Global Patient Outcomes and Real World Evidence: Oncology Business Unit Platform Scientist

Lilly’s GPORWE function generates and communicates evidence that helps differentiate Lilly’s medicines from other treatments so that payers, patients and doctors understand when and how to use the medicines and the expected patient benefits. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Provide scientific methodological and conceptual expertise to assist in the development and/or commercialization of a product and ensure successful fulfillment of health outcomes research plans to deliver better outcomes that are valued by payers, healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Focus on diseases and/or treatments that Lilly is developing within Oncology and may span the entire lifecycle of product development and commercialization.
  • Lead or participate in projects that may focus on key healthcare policy issues, economic outcomes, patient-reported outcomes, clinical outcomes, therapeutic utilization, and other topics that may impact health and healthcare.
  • Be responsible for the conduct, quality, and integrity of outcomes and real world evidence studies and scientific disclosures resulting from this research.
  • Demonstrate leadership through knowledge sharing, process improvement, and identification of needs as they pertain to their primary responsibilities.

Regulatory Affairs: Regulatory Intelligence

The Regulatory Intelligence Center of Excellence combines intelligence of the external regulatory and business environment with experiential learnings to drive regulatory strategy from candidate selection through post-approval. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Define, gather, analyze, and transform relevant information into useful, applicable, actionable output used to drive efficient and effective decision making.
  • Stay apprised of the external regulatory and business environment. Use the information to strategically predict and manage regulatory risks and opportunities.
  • Understand US regulations and guidance documents and how they apply to the drug development process.
  • Research, create, develop and provide training on targeted regulatory intelligence tools to increase speed, value and quality of regulatory intelligence information and support regulatory strategy.

Global Pricing, Reimbursement and Access: New Product Planning

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will work across therapeutic areas in the pipeline to apply scientific expertise in a commercial role. The fellow will gain insights on how payers from key markets make PRA decisions, and how those decisions affect patient access and pricing of those treatments. By the end of the program, the Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Participate in market research and advisory boards to understand payer’s needs in key markets from a macro-environmental level and for specific diseases and pipeline medicines.
  • Work with business partners to represent these payer requirements to inform the commercial strategy and clinical development program of medicines within the pipeline.
  • Develop strategic price and access recommendations and other inputs for use in forecasting.

Global Public Policy

The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Develop well-reasoned positions and sound information, through research, analysis, collaboration, and engagement, to help Lilly shape health policy in ways that support improved patient outcomes and continued incentives for investment in biopharmaceutical innovation.
  • Focus on policy issues including health technology assessment, health care reform, health financing and affordability, global health, and health benefits design.
  • Work cross-functionally to apply scientific knowledge to legislative policy analysis in order to develop new policy solutions and advocate for policy changes.

Global Clinical Trial Management

Clinical Project Management is responsible for driving the pipeline progression and delivering key trial milestones on-time utilizing project management technologies. The Clinical Trial Manager is accountable for the development of the clinical trial. This is accomplished by putting together credible clinical project plans regarding scope, cost and timeline of projects while driving the implementation ensuring good clinical practice is followed. The Visiting Scientist Fellow will:

  • Lead the cross-functional study team in development and implementation of clinical trials worldwide.
  • Combine scientific knowledge and process expertise to impact clinical trial design, feasibility and implementation. Manages clinical trial tasks from protocol development to final study report completion.
  • Manage activities utilizing protocol management tools to ensure delivery of clinical trials on time and within budget.
  • Utilize influence to build relationships with other functional areas and across third party organizations.

Application and Selection Process

The Visiting Scientist Fellowship will be recruiting for the fellowship year from November through January. Applicants must have completed their PharmD, PhD, MD, or MPH by May 2015, but not earlier than May 2011, to be eligible for the Visiting Scientist Fellowship. Qualified candidates must be legally authorized to be employed in the United States. Eli Lilly and Company does not anticipate providing sponsorship for employment visa status (e.g., H-1B status) for this employment position.

Screening interviews for PharmD candidates are conducted at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. On-site interviews are conducted in January and February. The selection process is generally completed by the end of February.

If you have any questions, contact:

Jason Singer
Eli Lilly and Company
Lilly Corporate Center
Indianapolis, IN 46285



Lilly is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other legally protected status.