Research Publications

Research Publications


Atherosclerosis/Metabolic Syndrome

Zhao Y., Chen YQ., Bonacci, T.M., Bredt D.S., Li S., Bensch, W.R., Moller, D.E., Kowala, M., Konrad, R.J., Cao, G. Identification and characterization of a major liver lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2008) Mar 28;283(13): 8258-65. 


Konicek, B.W., Dumstorf, C.A., Graff, J.R. Targeting the eIF4F translation initiation complex for cancer therapy.  Cell Cycle (2008) Aug 15; 7(16): 2466-71

Low, J., Huang, S., Blosser, W., Dowless, M., and Stancato L.   High Content Imaging Characterization of Cell Cycle Therapeutics Through In Vitro and In Vivo Subpopulation Analysis.  Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (2008) Aug;7(8):2455-63

Integrative Biology

Saxena, C., Zhen E., Higgs, RE And Hale, JE.  An immuno-chemo-proteomics method for drug target deconvolution.  Journal of Proteome Research (2008) 7: 3490


Ardayfio, P., Benvenga, M., Chaney, S., Love, P., Catlow, J., Swanson, S., Marek G.  
The 5-hydroxytryptamine2A receptor antagonist M100907 attenuates impulsivity after both drug induced disruption (dizocilpine) and enhancement (antidepressant drugs) of  Differential-Reinforcement-of-Low Rate 72-s behavior in the rat.  Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (2008) 327, 891-7

Fell, M.J., Svensson, K.A., Johnson, B.G., Schoepp, D.D.,.  Evidence for mGlu2 and not mGlu3 receptors in the preclinical antipsychotic pharmacology of the mGlu2/3 receptor agonist LY404039. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (2008) 326(1):209-17

Kato, A.S., Siuda, E.R., Nisenbaum, E.S., Bredt, D.S.  AMPA receptor subunit-specific regulation by a distinct family of Type II TARPs.  Neuron (2008) 59: 986-996

Zhao, L,  Lin. S., Bales K., Gelfanova, V., Koger, D., Delong, C., Hale, J., Liu, F., Hunter, J., Paul, S. Macrophage-mediated degradation of beta-amyloid via an apolipoprotein E isoform-dependent mechanism.  Journal of Neuroscience (2009)  29(11):3603–3612


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