Approach to R&D

Timely Valued Medicines to Patients. For Lilly Research Laboratories (LRL), it’s not just a phrase. It’s a driving force in all that we do. Timely Valued Medicines to Patients underscores the importance of creating value for all of our stakeholders by accelerating the flow of innovative medicines that provide improved outcomes for individual patients. And it’s what LRL is focused on today, and for many years to come.


"Ultimately, achieving our vision of Timely Valued Medicines to Patients means that we have discovered and developed what I like to call Valueceuticals - medicines that show enough differentiation and value to satisfy regulators, payors, providers and, ultimately, patients."

Jan Lundberg

executive vice president, science and technology, & president, Lilly Research Laboratories

For more than 135 years, Lilly has discovered, developed and acquired innovative new medicines that address key unmet medical needs worldwide. However, new demands from patients, payers, regulators and prescribers – driven by the evolving healthcare landscape, global unmet medical needs, rapidly increasing patient populations, and advances in science and technology – are forcing us to shift away from the current paradigm of focusing on quantity towards a focus on delivering a timely flow of high-quality, innovative medicines that have a greater likelihood of reaching patients.

What does Timely Value mean?


  • Ensure our medicines reach patients in a competitive timeframe. This, in large part, can happen when we have conclusive clinical readouts earlier in the development process.


  • Discovering and developing medicines that are novel, differentiated, tailored and stand apart from the current standard of care.
  • Addressing unmet medical needs by providing improved outcomes.
  • Clearly demonstrating an acceptable benefit/risk profile.
  • Generating better outcomes for patients, payers, providers and prescribers.

How will we achieve our vision of Timely Valued Medicines to Patients?


Our Innovation Ecosystem is the answer.

LRL’s Innovation Ecosystem is comprised of several components, all of which contribute to the achievement of Timely Valued Medicines to Patients. Examples of our Innovation Ecosystem in action include:

  • Continued investments in tailoring and biotechnology and the next wave of breakthrough biologic treatments.
  • The establishment of our Lilly China Research and Development Center (LCRDC) focused on diabetes treatment for Asian patients.
  • The launch of our “Innovation Starts Here” platform, a global initiative that fosters internal and external programs designed to enhance basic science, harness innovation and aid in the discovery and development of innovative new medicines for patients worldwide.