Global External R&D

Lilly has more than 135 years of experience in advancing promising potential new medicines through its clinical development pipeline, and we continue to find innovative ways to do so. To take a molecule from discovery to clinical development to commercialization requires the perfect combination of a promising molecule, specialized scientific expertise and sufficient funding. At one time, a pharmaceutical company would provide all three. But in today's global market, if we rely only on internal resources, we're literally missing opportunities every day to bring much needed medicines to market.

In recent years, Lilly has launched a strategy to augment our internal capabilities and realize the promise of innovation that often comes from external sources. Through unique external collaborations, Lilly is accessing innovation, identifying novel funding sources, and giving more assets the opportunity to meet the needs of patients who are waiting around the world.

Lilly's Global External R&D therapeutic area experts cover every continent in the world searching for companies and individuals with new discoveries. These disease area specialists are Lilly's global scientific ambassadors and they will objectively evaluate your discovery to see if it is a good fit for Lilly's portfolio. If the answer is yes, they will also lead you through the due diligence process for final evaluation by additional experts at Lilly. 

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