In the race to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines, nothing is more important—or more challenging—than harnessing the power of partnerships. 

At all organizational levels and across functional and geographic boundaries, alliance teams must define common goals, agree on strategy and tactics, and tackle tough issues as they arise. 

Anyone who's been through the process knows that's easier said than done. The complexity of implementing a strategic alliance while striving to achieve independent objectives can overwhelm even the strongest companies and individuals. And experience tells us that when alliances aren't actively led and supported, entire partnerships and their potential value to both firms are jeopardized. 

With so much invested in—and with so much riding on—today's collaborations, allowing a strategic alliance to run itself is simply not an option. To succeed, companies must access and apply the specialized alliance management capabilities, expertise, and decision-making tools that will enable them to maximize the value of partnered assets.


Established Leaders in Alliance Management
At Lilly, we understand alliances and how to make them work. Since launching the first dedicated alliance management function in 1999, the company has focused on the continuous development of its industry-leading practices and professionals. 

With strong roots in governance and relationship management, Lilly's alliance group has evolved into a full-service organization that excels at problem solving and value-chain integration at all stages of discovery, development, and commercialization. 

Our ability to lead, manage, and integrate critical alliance processes—as well as personnel—has been instrumental in enabling Lilly and its partners to maximize the value and strength of vital business collaborations.

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Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Value
Based on our extensive work in a wide range of complex business and scientific collaborations, we have developed an integrated alliance framework that covers all key elements—from due diligence to late stage, and from governance and administration to complex problem solving and decision making.

Both internal and external clients rely on our group's dedicated professionals to be an integral part of each alliance team, and we have been successful in adding value to partnerships by:

·         Serving as an advocate for the overall partnership and its objectives

·         Mitigating business risk, legal uncertainties, and human relationship risk

·         Leading the alliance governance process

·         Driving strategic, operational, and cultural alignment to meet co-determined objectives

As an organization and as individuals, we are committed to the success of each partnership we manage. We know that by staying true to mutual goals—and by doing everything necessary to achieve them—we can realize the value inherent in every strategic alliance.

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Maximizing Asset Value, Focusing on Results
Our comprehensive program keeps at its center every alliance's common purpose: maximizing the value of the partnered asset. We accomplish this by serving as ombudsman, advocating not for either partner but for the shared goals and products that will be generated from the alliance. 

This independence provides all-important objectivity when it comes to proactively managing the risk inherent in alliance processes. When issues do arise, our vantage enables us to manage conflicts effectively and bring quick resolution to difficult problems.

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Mitigating Risk, Making Effective Decisions
Good decisions cannot be made in a vacuum, so we provide alliance teams with both the historical context and the most current data to make the best possible choices on critical, time-sensitive issues. Our processes provide logical frameworks—and our people provide expert guidance—on the approaches and perspectives most likely to produce positive outcomes with minimal conflict. 

When line managers have the right tools and information, they can consistently make the decisions most likely to propel the alliance forward toward its goal.

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Establishing Governance, Streamlining Operations
Without a doubt, strong governance and operating structures form the basis of all successful alliances. We believe that our practice of building a solid foundation for every partnership is time well spent, with mutually set and agreed-upon procedures serving to reduce ambiguity and establish responsibilities very early in the process. 

With a wealth of experience in setting up a broad array of alliances, our professionals can offer solid advice on the most effective ways for partners to work together to reach their goals. We provide the added benefit of continuity, with our alliance professionals able to bridge the gaps—in knowledge and operations—caused by the unexpected turnover of key line personnel.

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Leading Transformation, Ensuring Alignment
As champions for the alliance, we do everything possible to help companies generate maximum value from the partnership. Starting with our first contacts during due diligence and continuing for the life of the alliance, we keep both sides focused on ways they can facilitate progress. 

At the executive level, our professionals regularly lead discussions on significant business and legal events, offering counsel on how they can be navigated successfully. For all members of the alliance team, we provide a comprehensive set of services and tools that can be used to lead transformation in their own organizations while ensuring alignment between partner firms. 

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