Our mission is to make medicines that help people live longer, healthier, more active lives. To achieve this mission, Lilly works with various individuals and organizations to improve patient outcomes and the healthcare system.

We are proud of the support we provide in collaboration with others to help advance the treatment and care of those battling illnesses. We also believe transparency is critical to rebuilding trust in our industry. Lilly was the first company (in 2004) to establish an online database of our clinical trial results, and the first company (in 2007) to establish a public registry of our grants and charitable contributions. And, in 2009, we became the first company to report our payments to physicians for speaking and advising services. Lilly strives to be a leading voice and example in transparency efforts in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Lilly Clinical Trial Registry

In 2004, Lilly became the first company to voluntarily make public or U.S. clinical trials and our clinical trials data in the Lilly Clinical Trial Registry.

Lilly Grant Registry

In 2007, Lilly became the first biopharmaceutical company to publicly report the funding we provide in the U.S. to institutions in the form of educational grants and charitable contributions to support medical education, patient education and other worthy activities that we believe increase health care knowledge and improve patient care. The Lilly Grant Office administers this program.

Lilly Public Affairs & Political Contributions

Lilly supports candidates of any party who support public policies that contribute to pharmaceutical innovation and health needs of patients.  Eligible Lilly employees in the U.S. may choose to make voluntary contributions to the Lilly Political Action Committee (PAC), an entity funded solely by employee contributions.  For more information, view our contribution reports.

Lilly Foundation

In keeping with the Lilly family's commitment to good corporate responsibility, Lilly contributes at the level of the most generous companies worldwide -- a goal it achieves annually through product and cash contributions.  See Lilly Foundation or see the Lilly Foundation Report on Charitable Giving.

Collaboration, Transparency and Reporting

The development of new treatments and lifesaving innovations are made possible by collaborations between research-based pharmaceutical companies, health care professionals (HCPs) and health care organizations (HCOs).  Lilly actively works to support initiatives, whether law driven or code-based, providing transparency into these collaborations.   We feel open disclosure fosters visibility and trust in the way we work together. For more information on how we collaborate with HCPs and HCOs, visit the transparency section of our website.

Lilly Clinical Study Data Transparency

Lilly performs clinical studies to answer scientific questions. These studies provide valuable information about the efficacy and safety of a medicine in a specific patient population. Lilly has a history of being transparent and has recently updated our Clinical Study Data Transparency policies.

Lilly recognizes that researchers may want to use data from studies on approved medicines to answer scientific questions. Lilly has joined a multiple company data sharing platform and researchers looking for access to Lilly clinical study data can access it at


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