Early Career Professionals

Formed in 2015, Early Career Professionals (ECP) is Lilly’s newest employee resource group supporting those who are early in their career paths. The ECP assists its more than 300 members with continued professional development and helps young professionals reach out to their community - both through social and service-based activities.


Continually engage early career professionals to support a richer, more inclusive workplace culture by partnering with each other, the surrounding community, and the business to better develop our youngest group of employees and serve our patients.


"Our group was born out of a desire to help early career professionals feel more connected at Lilly. We provide opportunities for early career professionals to engage professionally and socially within Lilly and throughout the Indianapolis community. "

Danielle Neveles
ECP Chair
Associate Consultant, Global Corporate Reputation & Branding

"Early career professionals are our future and bring enormous value to Lilly. Diversity of all sorts, including generational diversity, is critical at Lilly because we value respect for people as one of our core values. People from different cultures, backgrounds, generations and styles enable us the opportunity to increase our creativity, problem solving and ultimately will lead us to greater productivity in our primary goal of making life better through our medicines."

Ora H. Pescovitz
U.S. Medical Leader and ECP Executive Sponsor

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