Africa, Middle East, Central Asia (Lilly AMECA)

Anna BurnhamLilly Africa, Middle East and Central Asia (AMECA) is an employee-led resource group established in 2014 that connects Lilly employees who share common backgrounds and experiences. The group meets on a regular basis and hosts educational and networking events open to all employees.

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  • Provide career development, mentoring and networking opportunities for its members
  • Develop and leverage the strength of the African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities to enhance the culture and success of Lilly
  • Encourage employee advocacy through community outreach, recruiting and retention, and educational activities

Events & Initiatives

  • Special events:  Annual internal events to recognize employees of Middle Eastern, North African and Asian backgrounds who are successful in their roles at Lilly and to recognize their contributions in the community.
  • Networking:  Lilly AMECA’s networking activities include lunch seminars, orientation and mentoring for new employees and celebration of major cultural holidays
  • Recruiting:  Lilly maintains a significant campus recruiting initiative at many of the country’s top colleges and universities with high enrollment of diverse populations.

Ramadan Conversation Map®

Lilly AMECA members consulted with Lilly on this educational tool to help Muslims with diabetes during Ramadan. Lilly partners with Healthy Interactions and the International Diabetes Federation on the "Managing Diabetes During Ramadan" Conversation Map® to help improve diabetes management skills for both individuals with diabetes and the people who care for them whether they choose to fast or not.

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