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Instructions for Users Who Have Changed a LillyNet Password on a Device Other than a Lilly PC

If you have changed your LillyNet Password on a device other than your Lilly PC (e.g. an iOS device), you will need to sync your passwords the next time you connect to the network on your Lilly PC.  This is because SafeBoot on your laptop is expecting your old password but the network and LillyNet are expecting your new password.

Follow these steps to sync your passwords.
Note: You need your OLD password and your NEW password for this process.

  1. Start your Lilly computer.
  2. When the SafeBoot dialog is displayed, enter your Lillynet ID and your OLD password. This is the old password from before you changed it.
  3. Your PC will start up. At the Authorized Users Only screen, click OK.
  4. Windows presents a warning stating "The system cannot log you on." Click OK.
  5. Windows presents a "Log on to Windows" dialog. Enter your LillyNet ID and your NEW password. This is the new password you recently set from your alternate device. Click OK.
  6. Windows logs on you to your PC nad the Lilly network.
  7. After the logon process completes and you see your desktop, you need to "lock" your computer. Do this by performing either Ctrl+Alt+Del and choosing "Lock Computer" OR pressing WindowsKey +L.
  8. While the computer is locked, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the password prompt.
  9. Type your NEW password in the box.
  10. Your passwords are now synced.

The steps above will sync all of your Lilly passwords EXCEPT for Lotus Notes.
To sync Notes, log in to the Lotus Notes application with your OLD password.
Then follow the directions that pop up in Notes to change your password within the application.

If you have difficulty with any of the steps on this page, please contact your local Service Desk for assistance.

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