Global Health Programs

Facing a myriad of challenges such as growing populations and already-strained healthcare budgets, governments worldwide are seeking sustainable new solutions that improve health outcomes and lower costs. The challenges are exponentially more complicated in low- and middle-income countries where resources are scarce, infrastructure is lacking, and healthcare systems sometimes struggle to provide even basic care.

In response to this need, we’ve created two signature global health programs: the Lilly NCD Partnership, which is focused on non-communicable diseases, specifically diabetes, and the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, which is focused on multidrug-resistant TB. Both partnerships aim to advance prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care capabilities, and as a result, improve health outcomes.


In both of these strategic programs, we’re leveraging our assets and capabilities in partnership with other leading global health organizations to find new solutions to old problems. We are using a novel framework—Research, Report and Advocate—that will help ensure successful solutions can be scaled up and replicated around the world, benefiting more and more people.

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