Hunger Relief

Elanco is a division of Lilly that focuses on animal well-being, animal productivity and food safety in more than 75 countries. Given the focus of its business, breaking the cycle of hunger is a natural fit for Elanco’s corporate responsibility efforts. And because addressing hunger is a precursor to good health, Elanco’s efforts further help our mission to improve global health.

Through Elanco, we believe we can use our resources to break the cycle of hunger in 100 communities. We will also work to make food more secure for a sustainable period.


Globally, we’re developing the technology needed to feed the growing population. Locally, we’re finding solutions to food security through community partnerships and initiatives to create awareness and increase engagement. Personally, Elanco employees donate their time and talents to break the cycle of hunger in their communities, which is supported by an Elanco policy that gives employees a half-day of paid time off per quarter to volunteer.

As a result of Elanco’s innovations, volunteer efforts, customer engagement and financial support, we’ve already begun “breaking the cycle” in more than 50 communities.

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