Sustainability Goals


The medicines we make require the use of resources, such as energy, water and raw materials. We know that how we operate today can have a lasting impact on people and the planet, so we affirmed our commitment to healthy lives and a healthy environment in 2007 with the launch of environment-focused performance goals.

We set out to increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases and decrease water use and waste. Our drive for continuous improvement meant meeting some of these goals well before our 2013 target date:

  • Energy Use
  • Water Use
  • Waste




Of course, we’re operating in a different world then we were in 2007. That’s why we’ll continue to implement cost-effective technologies and solutions to help us work more efficiently and minimize our environmental impacts even further. To that end, we’ve outlined new goals, and aim to meet or exceed them by 2020:

  • Improve energy efficiency by 20 percent
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent
  • Improve waste efficiency by 20 percent (i.e., reduce waste generation per unit of production) and increase recycling
  • Reduce phosphorus emissions to wastewater by 15 percent

Achieving the new goals would also mean an estimated $175 million in savings over the next seven years.

For more information about our environmental stewardship, see our latest corporate responsibility reports and updates.

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