Many employees join Lilly because of our mission and the ability to help those in need. We actively encourage our employees to volunteer and we develop programs that help them do so. You can see our employees in action throughout the year, serving on local boards, working in food pantries, acting as science coaches for disadvantaged youth and more.


We believe that as our employees engage in their local communities and around the world, those experiences help them better understand the people we serve and spark ideas for how we can become a better company.

We are particularly proud of two signature volunteer programs:

  • Connecting Hearts Abroad—this one-of-kind program sends at least 100 “Lilly Ambassadors” each year on two-week assignments to provide assistance in communities around the world that lack basic resources and access to quality healthcare
  • Global Day of Service—each October, more than 24,000 Lilly employees spend a half day out of the office to volunteer in company-organized projects that help strengthen and improve the communities where we live and work


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