Our Approach


Lilly has a long, proud tradition of giving back and lifting up. It’s in our DNA.

This tradition dates back to our founder, Colonel Eli Lilly, and subsequent generations of the Lilly family. Notably, our founding family created the Lilly Endowment, which is now one of the largest foundations in the United States, giving away more than $750 million to charitable organizations since its founding in 1937. The endowment is Lilly’s largest shareholder. Through it, and many other examples, the Lilly family set a powerful example for future generations of Lilly employees.

Today, nearly 39,000 of us are entrusted with carrying forward this proud legacy.

Over the last decade, we have transformed our corporate responsibility efforts, sharpening our focus on improving health for people living in low- and middle-income countries and strengthening the communities where we work and live. We’re balancing traditional philanthropy with novel approaches that put to work our scientific and business expertise, resources and the passion of our employees. And we’re increasingly linking our corporate responsibility programs together—and to our business—for greater impact and continuous learning.

Through our corporate responsibility efforts, we’re extending the reach and impact of our core business to make life better for even more people around the world.

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