A New Way Forward in Global Health

Lilly is proud to announce we have joined Access Accelerated, a unique collaboration between public and private organizations aimed at addressing barriers to care for non-communicable diseases around the world. Our CEO, Dave Ricks, explains why Lilly joined Access Accelerated and outlines our ongoing commitment to improving access to health care for people around the world.

Medical science in recent decades has made extraordinary progress in the fight against many diseases. Unfortunately, far too many people do not benefit from all of this progress, especially those living in some low- and middle-income communities. The World Health Organization reports that 400 million people worldwide do not have access to essential health services. Access Accelerated — a new multi-stakeholder partnership announced this week — aims to confront that dismal statistic.

Involving the World Bank, the Union for International Cancer Control and several pharmaceutical companies, Access Accelerated seeks to improve care for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) by overcoming barriers to health-care access. Eli Lilly and Company, which I lead, is proud to be a part of this global collaboration.

NCDs — such as cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness — are responsible for three out of five deaths across the world. Their impact is especially high in many low- and middle-income countries, where limited resources and long-standing barriers impede access to care. Access Accelerated will pilot new approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat NCDs in hard-hit areas and will draw on solutions developed by individual companies’ global health programs — including Lilly’s.

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