Diversity in Clinical Trials

Diversity in Clinical Trials Lilly is a leader in boosting enrollment of diverse populations in clinical trials and making trials more accessible to minority communities. In partnership with The Center for Drug Development and Clinical Trials at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Lilly is training minority physicians to conduct clinical trials - the first program of its kind in the industry. For more information, click here.

Diversity in Lilly-Sponsored Clinical Trials in North America (2014 Sites)
In an effort to gain greater insight into the effectiveness of potential medications across a diverse population, Lilly works to increase minority participation in our clinical trials. In 2008, we set a goal that every study conducted with more than 25 clinical trial sites must select at least two sites meeting Lilly’s diversity criteria. A diverse clinical trial site means the patient population is greater than 25 percent non-Caucasian. This map shows the number of sites in North America that meet this goal. Clinical Trials Map

Training Minority Clinical Trial Investigators

Roswell Park

To increase the number of minority investigators in clinical research, Lilly and The Center for Drug Development and Clinical Trials at Roswell Park are collaborating on a training program specifically tailored to minority physicians.

The partnership includes a three-day clinical research workshop, "Reducing Cancer Disparities Through the Training of a Diverse Workforce," which began in spring 2014 and runs through 2016.

Workshop goals include:

  • Enhancing clinical research in minority and underserved populations through development of a cadre of well-trained minority investigators
  • Educating participants about the principles of good clinical trial design and providing the necessary tools required to conduct trials that are relevant to minorities and under-represented populations
  • Guiding participants to identify various challenges of clinical research, particularly in minority and underserved populations
  • Providing ongoing mentorship to young minority investigators through career-long relationships with workshop faculty
  • Reducing cancer health disparities through increased clinical research targeting minority and underserved populations


Lilly Doctor Advocates for Diversity in Clinical Trials

When Coleman Obasaju started working in clinical trial development at Lilly, he was shocked to see the poor representation of minorities in clinical trials in the entire industry, even for diseases from which minorities suffer disproportionately.

Obasaju rang the alarm bells in Lilly Oncology, where several other individuals were aligned with his passion and vision to have clinical test groups better match the disease prevalence rate in the general population.

The important role Coleman has played at Lilly has resulted in him taking on an additional role as the global leader of diversity in clinical research in Lilly Oncology and also has placed him in the spotlight on panels at global, national and local conferences of physicians, advocates, policy makers and journalists.


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