Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine, also known as “tailored therapeutics,” promises to deliver greater precision, higher value and improved outcomes for individual patients. This lies at the heart of Lilly’s vision for biopharmaceutical innovation. Tailoring is being built into every single drug development program, using a variety of approaches to identify differences across patient populations. These include:

  • Phenotypic characteristics (such as age or weight)
  • Established biomarkers (such as HbA1C levels)
  • More novel markers emerging from new tools and technologies (such as pharmacogenomics, bioimaging and bioinformatics)

All of these approaches are advancing how we understand, classify, and treat patients. In addition to innovating new medicines and approaches to individualized care, Lilly is working to further innovate our business model to be more productive and efficient in developing and marketing new medicines to meet patient needs.

To meet the needs of patients, providers and payers, Lilly’s tailored therapeutics strategy must be supported by a policy environment that recognizes and rewards innovation. Policy topics of greatest importance for supporting a personalized approach to medicine include health technology assessmentvalue-based pricing and science-based regulatory systems.

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