Alzheimer’s Researcher, Determined to Discover

Lilly scientists are at the heart of research and drug discovery, each of them empowered with unique stories of what motivates them to discover novel therapies.

Like many kids, a young Ann Hake thought going to the doctor was kind of scary. But rather than shying away, Hake channeled her fear into a career, inspiring her to become a doctor. From an early age, Hake, M.D., senior medical advisor at Lilly now, felt confident that she could provide patients with the kind of care they needed.

Today, motivated by a decades-long fascination with how the brain works, Hake helps patients with Alzheimer’s disease while also working to discover new options for treatment. Most recently, Hake worked on Lilly’s EXPEDITION3 clinical trial, a phase 3 study of solanezumab in people with mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s. And while the study results for that patient population were disappointing, solanezumab continues to be tested in people with a genetic mutation for the disease and those who may be at risk for developing the disease. Like the rest of her colleagues at Lilly, Hake won’t stop until a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease has been found.

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