Data Privacy Notification and Designated Representatives for Countries with Hotline Reporting Restrictions

Reporting from Countries with Hotline Reporting Restrictions

In some geographies, including the European Union and Switzerland, data privacy laws restrict the use of the Hotline for certain types of reports of suspected violations specifically concerning the areas of accounting, auditing, banking, internal controls or anti-corruption (bribery).

Additionally, anonymous reporting may be discouraged or not permitted by law in some countries. If Lilly employees or external parties are uncertain about the appropriate processes or limitations for making reports in these specific locations, they may contact a designated representative for countries with Hotline reporting restrictions for the location which the Reporter is making his/her report. Lilly employees may also seek guidance from a Global Privacy Office representative, a Lilly supervisor, a Human Resources representative, an Ethics and Compliance representative, or Lilly Legal.

For questions pertaining to whether or not a report can be accepted into the Lilly Ethics & Compliance Hotline, please contact the designated representative for the country from which you are reporting.