Disaster Response

When disasters strike, as with Hurricane Maria in September 2017 and Hurricane Florence in September 2018, we respond with funds and product contributions to help people in desperate situations. Each disaster is different, prompting a wide variety of needs. When responding, we take great care not to overburden the local infrastructure so that our product donations are meaningful and have the greatest impact. We donate items that are specifically requested by relief agencies, partnering with them to best leverage our support.


We also join with the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), which brings together international medical-product companies and humanitarian organizations to advance the quality of product donations through standards, education and research. Lilly is a charter member of PQMD, which officially incorporated in 2000, and one of our employees sits on the PQMD executive committee.

One of our biggest product donation efforts followed the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January 2010. We sent insulin and antibiotics—items that are critically needed following any disaster. Our support for Haiti’s recovery also included a grant by the Lilly Foundation to fund the transportation of two self-contained medical clinics from the United States to rural Haitian villages.