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Bold Science Happens Here

Every day, we choose to be bold—to write new chapters in science—so people can have a chance at better health.

Core Areas of Innovation

While most of our portfolio is within our core therapeutic areas, we continue to invest in additional scientific opportunities, spanning large and small molecules, genetic medicine and other novel capabilities.

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Alzheimer's Disease

We’re approaching Alzheimer’s disease from every angle, working with speed to advance the science that could lead to breakthrough therapies and discovering new ways to facilitate timely and accurate diagnoses.

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We are expanding a portfolio of programs based on high biologic conviction to give people living with cancer more options. Our early-stage molecules under investigation include a KRAS G12C inhibitor, Next-Gen RET inhibitor and PI3Kα inhibitor.

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Cardiovascular Disease

We look to innovate the next breakthrough treatments across the full spectrum of cardiovascular disease (CVD), discovering and delivering medicines rooted in novel capabilities, such as genetic medicine, that can address areas of high unmet need.

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Our focus remains on breakthroughs and curative approaches to improve the lives of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, such as investigating novel therapeutic approaches that simplify glycemic control.

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To address the unresolved impact of immune-mediated diseases, we’re delivering innovative medicines that provide better results. We are investing in next-generation medicines and exploring new innovation in our immunology-related clinical programs.

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We’re pursuing innovations in GLP-1s, novel drug targets and in-combination therapies to treat obesity and its associated diseases.

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We’re advancing innovative science and non-opioid medicines to enable a better approach to comprehensive pain management.

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