Diversity in Suppliers FAQ

  • How can I do business with Lilly?

    Review our Become an SDD Supplier page to ensure your company meets our criteria as a diverse supplier and obtains all certifications required to verify your business’ status as diverse. The Lilly Supplier Diversity Development (SDD) department cannot guarantee your company will be able to work with Lilly.

  • What happens after I submit my registration via the online supplier form on the Lilly supplier portal?

    If there is a need for your services, someone from Lilly will contact you. Please take this time to confirm you have obtained all necessary certifications.

  • How can I confirm the information I submitted on the Online Lilly Supplier Portal was received?

    An automated email is generated upon completion of the form and is sent to the person who completed the form. If the form was not completed before signing off, an automated email will be sent stating it was not completed. Your information will be held for four weeks and will be deleted if it's not completed. After 11 months, an automated message will also be sent to remind the contact(s) listed on the form that the information will need to be updated within one month or the information will be deleted.

  • What products or services does Lilly buy?

    Lilly buys a wide range of products and services. We're actively seeking non-traditional suppliers along with products and services specific to the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Do I need to be certified as a diverse business?

    If you're a diverse business currently working with Lilly, we will continue to work with you regardless of your certification status. We highly encourage you to pursue the appropriate certification however, and will work with you to obtain them accordingly. If you choose to remain uncertified, SDD will not act as your advocate. If you are not a current supplier to Lilly and are a diverse business, we will consider your credentials along with any other company pursuing business with Lilly. Should we have an interest in contracting with you, we will encourage you to pursue the appropriate certifications. SDD will not advocate for any diverse business that isn’t appropriately certified.