HCP Education

Lilly strives to unite caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world.

We believe when health care professionals (HCPs) and health care organizations (HCOs) work together with the biopharmaceutical industry, patients benefit. Collaboration makes new medicines possible, provides better insight into unmet patient needs and delivers quality health education.

What we've heard from physicians and other HCPs is that they value the opportunity to learn from their peers. Lilly facilitates opportunities for peer-to-peer education by connecting professionals who have real-life experience with diseases and knowledge of treatment options with those who may not be as experienced. In some cases, Lilly works to connect patients and caregivers with HCPs in an effort to provide education towards better health management.

We also engage with physicians and their staff members through regular office visits and presentations by Lilly representatives. Through these interactions we share the latest information about our medicines including the benefits and risks, the diseases they treat and the patients for whom a medicine might be appropriate. At the same time, physicians and their staff members share with us their invaluable experiences with patient care, obstacles and needs, which we can then use to continuously improve the patient experience with our products.