Making Life Better in Puerto Rico

As forecasts predicted, Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast with a fury. TV screens were filled with images of downed lines, flooded streets and people cut off from basic services. But we know for those affected, this isn’t a story – it’s their lives, your lives. And our hearts are with you.

Once again, first responders are on the scene providing life-saving assistance and showing the best of who we are when we come together in common purpose.

Before the storm hit, Lilly initiated its patient product replacement program, which provides patients with vouchers or physical replacement for Lilly medicines lost due to the disaster. (See below for more information.) Through our partnership with Direct Relief, Lilly medicines and additional medical supplies were prepositioned in neighboring states and areas. These include insulin, diabetes supplies, mental health medicines, wound care supplies, antibiotics and more.

The Lilly Foundation is matching, dollar-for-dollar, donations that our employees make to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. We hope these donations play a role in providing some comfort for those in need.

For people who use our medicines, including insulins, here’s some important information:

  • For people who can get to a pharmacy, the best way to access your medicines is through normal channels. As of today, many of the pharmacies in the area remain open, although we know that could change over the coming days. Visit to see the status of pharmacies near you.
  • If your insulin or other Lilly medicine has been damaged or destroyed by the storm, you can talk to your pharmacy about getting a new 30-day supply. Many insurance plans have “disaster overrides” that allow you to replace your destroyed medicine for the cost of a co-pay. If you don’t have a disaster override, Lilly will provide you with a new 30-day supply at no charge. And if you have a high-deductible plan that normally requires you to pay the full price for your treatment, you will receive a 30-day supply at no charge if your medicine is destroyed. If you need more assistance, you can dial The Lilly Answers Center at (800) 545-5979.

We currently are evaluating requests for Lilly medicines on the ground and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Tiffany Benjamin
Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility