An Update on Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has caused unspeakable damage, and our hearts ache for those impacted by this awful storm. We also continue to thank everyone for their amazing work helping our friends and neighbors on the Gulf Coast – from the American Red Cross to Direct Relief International to the police, firefighters and EMTs. Our country is lucky to have you.

Delivery of quality health care across the region continues to be a challenge, including at shelters in Texas and Louisiana. People need insulin, dialysis treatment and numerous other critical medical interventions. This week, Lilly is donating more medicine to DRI, including an additional 10,000 vials of insulin. DRI will work tirelessly to deliver the insulin, glucagon kits and other treatments to people in need as quickly as possible.

Finally, here are a couple of reminders that we mentioned the other day that are worth repeating:

  • For people who can get to a pharmacy, the best way to access your medicines is through normal channels. Many of the pharmacies in areas impacted by the storm are open.
  • If your insulin or other Lilly medicine has been damaged or destroyed by the storm, you can talk to your pharmacy about getting a new 30-day supply. Many insurance plans have “disaster overrides” that allow you to replace your destroyed medicine for the cost of a co-pay. If you don’t have a disaster override, Lilly will provide you with a new 30-day supply at no charge. And if you have a high-deductible plan that normally requires you to pay the full price for your treatment, you will receive a 30-day supply at no charge if your medicine is destroyed. If you need more assistance, you can dial The Lilly Answers Center at (800) 545-5979.

Thanks again to each person and organization helping the people of Texas and Louisiana.

Rob Smith

Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility

Eli Lilly and Company