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In June 2017, Lilly announced completion of a $90 million expansion of its Biotechnology Center in San Diego, California. This space will help foster and accelerate the discovery of medicines within the company’s core therapeutic areas of immunology, diabetes, oncology and neurodegeneration, as well as the emerging area of pain.

The expansion is a part of Lilly’s recent commitment to invest $850 million in U.S. operations, based on the potential for growth and the company’s long-standing investment in the U.S. market. Nearly $250 million of Lilly’s $850 million capital investments will be dedicated to supporting its research and development centers around the U.S. In 2017, Lilly plans to spend approximately $5 billion on global R&D, nearly $4 billion of which will be invested in U.S.-based programs.

San Diego has been an important research hub for Lilly following its acquisitions of Applied Molecular Evolution, Inc., in 2004 and Structural Genomics in 2008. The Biotechnology Center was officially established in 2009 and is located near the University of California, San Diego, among other prominent biomedical research institutes.

Biotechnology Center At a Glance

  • The Biotechnology Center is located at 10290 Campus Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92121.
  • The center features a new technologically-advanced laboratory – the Lilly Life Science Studio – and an additional 180,000 square feet of working space, which is an increase of 145 percent compared to the former facility. The Lilly Life Science Studio will allow researchers across the globe to remotely design, synthesize and screen investigational molecules in an unprecedented manner.
  • More than 200 people are currently working at the center in the disciplines of biotechnology, chemistry, immunology and immunological clinical development. Click here to learn more about career opportunities.

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Dave Ricks Chairman and CEO, Lilly

"At Lilly, we’re glad to be part of the fountain of economic activity in California. We’ve invested steadily here in San Diego for more than a decade, including today’s $90 million announcement. It’s part of $850 million of capital investments Lilly is making across the U.S. this year."

In the Lab in San Diego
Tom Bumol Senior Vice President, Biotechnology and Immunology Research, Lilly

"By merging our biotechnology and next generation discovery chemistry capabilities in San Diego, we believe we’ve created a world-class collaboration site for biopharmaceutical R&D. We’ve proven we can deliver innovation across the finish line and we want to do even more in the future."

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