Jan M. Lundberg, Ph.D.

Jan M. Lundberg, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Science and Technology, and President, Lilly Research Laboratories

Eli Lilly and Company

Jan Lundberg is executive vice president for science and technology and president of Lilly Research Laboratories (LRL).

Jan joined Lilly in 2010 as the leader of LRL, encompassing Research and the Medicines Development Unit. Prior to joining Lilly he served for 10 years as global head of discovery research at AstraZeneca, where he was a member of the senior executive team. He was involved with numerous candidate drug nominations, development projects and marketed-product support, as well as in-licensing, partnering and acquisitions.

In other previous roles, Jan served as a professor at the Karolinska Institute’s department of pharmacology in Stockholm, Sweden. He has 500 scientific publications and is a highly cited scientist with several recognition awards. He is a co-founder of Aerocrine AB, a biotech diagnostic company with exhaled nitric oxide as allergic asthma breath test.

Jan earned a BSM equivalent in medicine from the University of Gothenburg and a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the Karolinska Institute. He was also appointed as honorary doctor of Uppsala University’s pharmaceutical faculty.

Jan has served as chairman of the Ph.D. and post-doctoral program at the Karolinska Institute; on the evaluation committee for the Swedish Medical Research Council; on the executive advisory board of the Swedish Medical Products Agency Registration of New Drugs (affiliated with the European Medicines Agency); and as part of lead that generated the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a major public-private partnership in the European Union and recently the Accelerating Medicines Partnership with the NIH in the U.S. He serves on the boards of TransCelerate Biopharma, Inc., Pharma Foundation and BioCrossroads, the Indiana life-sciences initiative.