2018 Partnerships & Pipeline

Lilly is in the early stages of a growth period catalyzed by recently launched products. Our pipeline’s potential remains strong, with new medicines in development to treat a range of diseases. Here are two things we talked about at the 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and will continue to speak to this year:

  1. Launching With Excellence

    • We have launched nine new medicines since 2014 for patients with unmet needs – and we expect to launch 11 more by 2023.
    • Lilly is focused on launch excellence so that physicians understand our new medicines and patients have access to them.
  2. Accelerating Innovation and Replenishing Our Pipeline
    • Lilly’s “Next Generation” initiatives in research and development have reduced the time to bring medicines to patients by two years, aiming to cut that even more.
    • We continue to evaluate external innovation opportunities – through acquisitions, alliances, licensing and our growing venture capital portfolio. We expect to source one-third of our pipeline by way of partnerships.

JPMHC18 V2 Lilly.com-940

This year holds much promise for partnerships, and thus the future of our pipeline. And this goal remains: getting high-quality medicines to patients as fast as we can.