Lilly Experience for Teachers in STEM

Please note: The application period for this opportunity has closed. Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email no later than March 15, 2019.

Attention, Central Indiana middle and high school STEM educators!

The Lilly Foundation and ISTEM Resource Network are again sponsoring a two-day program called Lilly Experience for Teachers in STEM (LETS). LETS is designed to:

  • increase awareness of the breadth of STEM careers to help inform and inspire your students
  • translate real-world skills to the classroom
  • provide educators a view of the science and technology that drives the pharmaceutical industry
  • facilitate interactions between STEM professionals and educators

Selected participants will come to Lilly’s global headquarters in downtown Indianapolis on June 25-26, 2019, and receive a $500 stipend after completion of the program.

We are seeking 90 middle and high school STEM educators. This year, we are also encouraging multi-disciplinary teams of educators from the same school or district to apply. Teams may include teachers and student support staff such as counselors, curricula coaches and administrators.

  • LETS Program Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why is Lilly hosting this program?

    A: At Lilly, we recognize that the future is bright for scientific careers in Central Indiana. We seek to partner with STEM educators who will guide the next generation of applied science professionals into the workforce.

    Q: How does the LETS program define “STEM educator”?

    A: STEM teachers are those whose instructional time is dedicated to teaching subject matter in science, math, technology, or engineering. Other student support services, such as academic counselors, guidance counselors, academic coaches, curricula coordinators are also considered STEM educators if they are responsible for students’ exposure to STEM curricula.

    Q: Why is the LETS program emphasizing educator teams?

    A: Teams of educators from multiple disciplines and roles can facilitate cross-functional exchange of ideas. Engaging STEM teachers and student support staff can bridge multiple touchpoints in students’ academic careers while capturing their interest in STEM careers.

    Q: How do I apply as part of a team or as an individual?

    A: Each team member must complete an application and indicate their team name. All members of the team must use the same team name. Teams may have up to five individuals. Teams should consist of educators from the same school or district and multiple STEM subject areas, and may include student support staff such as counselors, curricula coaches, and administrators. The team must select one team leader and that individual will indicate his/her team leader role in the application. Individuals can apply by filling out the application in their own name.

    Q: How will teachers and teams be selected for this program?

    A: Applicants will be selected to ensure diverse representations of school districts, teachers and educators. Priority will be given to applicants from Marion and surrounding counties, as well as those who apply as part of a team.

    Q: When will applicants be notified if they are accepted for this summer program?

    A: The application form must be submitted by February 15, 2019. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by email no later than March 15, 2019. Applicants should monitor junk or spam email folders due to the possibility of messages being diverted from their inboxes.

    Q: How are participants compensated?

    A: Meals and compensation will be provided during the workshop; transportation and lodging will not be included. Each participant will receive a $500 stipend.

    Q: What does the two-day schedule look like?

    A: The event will take place over two full days (8 a.m.-5 p.m.), June 25-26, 2019. Educators will have the opportunity to tour Lilly laboratories and manufacturing sites and engage with Lilly STEM professionals. Lilly STEM professionals will also join educators in small groups to share details about their work and discuss opportunities for translating key learnings to the classroom. Selected applicants will receive a detailed agenda prior to the event.

Feedback from the inaugural LETS 2018 program

  • "Wow! What an amazing day! I can't wait to come back tomorrow."
  • "I heard over and over how much I was valued as a teacher. It made me feel great and that I was able to be a part of bigger solution for my students."
  • "I've been able to connect this to my practice and am very energized."

Read more about the LETS program's first year here in Chalkbeat.

Sponsored by the Lilly Foundation and the ISTEM Resource Network