Gemologist Benefits from Insulin Affordability Program

Eli Lilly and Company  | March 20, 2020

Doug Liebman has type 1 diabetes, so his body needs Lilly’s Humalog® insulin to convert food into energy.

Doug’s health insurance plan has a high deductible, requiring him to pay $3,500 out of pocket before any insurance coverage kicks in. His bill for insulin at the start of the year is more than $1,000. But last January, Doug went to the pharmacy, and his bill for four vials of Humalog was just $95.

“I told the pharmacist that there was a mistake,” said Doug, 62, a gemologist in Arizona.

But it wasn’t a mistake. Lilly had automatically capped Doug’s costs at $95, paying the remaining bill to Doug’s health insurance plan.

The money Doug saved can help him buy new glasses more regularly, keeping his vision sharp so he can continue working.

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