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Investing in Innovation and Jobs

Eli Lilly and Company  | February 18, 2020

For more than 140 years, Lilly has researched, discovered and manufactured life-saving medicines for people around the world. Making medicines takes a dedication to people, scientific excellence, attention to detail and collaboration. 

Some of this collaboration comes from industry and trade association groups, like the National Association of Manufacturers. 

Recently, Josh Smiley, Lilly senior vice president and chief financial officer, was elected to the board of directors of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). 

NAM has always strongly supported free enterprise principles, and has fought hard against shortsighted proposals, like price controls, that could negatively impact innovation, as well as misguided approaches that could harm patients, like the importation of prescription drugs. 

NAM also advocated for U.S. tax reform in 2017, which brought a much-needed boost to American companies and workers. 

Thanks to tax reform, we invested billions of capital into expanding our manufacturing facilities in Indiana and creating a new one in North Carolina. And since 2012, Lilly has invested more than $5 billion in the United States – including nearly $2 billion in diabetes manufacturing. 

Tax reform leveled the international playing field for the United States and U.S.-based companies. And robust intellectual property (IP) protections ensure biopharmaceutical companies like Lilly stay in the game. 

Our IP protections spur the discovery of innovative, new medicines that make life better for people around the world – and also create thousands of jobs and new manufacturing and research facilities in the U.S. 

As we continue to invest in new facilities and a U.S. workforce, we must also ensure we have the right policies in place to promote and continue our innovative work. 

NAM continues to champion IP rights that give Lilly and other manufacturers the certainty needed to make high-risk research and development possible and incentivizes discovery of innovative products.