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The Lilly and Loxo Partnership

Eli Lilly and Company  | January 1, 2020

Since the announcement of the record-setting speedy deal acquiring Loxo Oncology in 2019, Lilly and Loxo haven’t taken their feet off the gas pedal. Speed and precision have been key as the partnership built out the precision medicine arm of Lilly Oncology. But the speed didn't end there. 

As we built our new team, we simultaneously prepared to bring our first medicine to market. Before the end of 2019, Lilly and Loxo shared with the cancer community pivotal data and filed a new drug application with the U.S. Food and Drug administration for a unique medicine designed to target a cancer caused when genes go awry causing uncontrolled cell growth. This fast-paced plan put the timeline – from first patient receiving treatment to launch – at about three years. 

Loxo’s focus is on developing medicines for specific patients who don’t yet have treatments available that target the underlying genetics of their cancer, based on a clear understanding of what makes a tumor biology, and their mindset of essentialism. The partnership with Lilly allowed our teams to continue to excel in this distinctive approach to precision oncology. 

Lilly Oncology is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative new medicines that will make a meaningful difference to cancer patients. Our research team is leveraging precision medicine and a growing understanding of the molecular drivers of cancer to help people living with cancer fight their disease. In this case, we launched a new medicine in about half the time it normally takes.

Together, we will continue to identify potential targets that can lead to new medicines and use our collective expertise to resolve any roadblocks that come our way. 

The excitement among our team is palpable and the goal is clear, together Lilly and Loxo will speed highly selective, innovative medicines to patients.