Our Next Step in Addressing Insulin Affordability

Over the last several months, Lilly has engaged the diabetes community, including people impacted by diabetes, advocacy organizations and the business community, on the topic of insulin prices. We recognize the burden many people with diabetes are feeling due to increased out-of-pocket expenses, and we’re committed to seeking additional solutions so everyone who uses insulin has affordable access.

As you may have heard, Express Scripts has introduced a new prescription drug discount program – Inside Rx – and Lilly is one of several pharmaceutical companies participating. We continue looking for ways to help provide options for people who pay full price at the pharmacy – including those who don’t have insurance or who are in the deductible phase of a high-deductible commercial insurance plan. Joining Inside Rx is a next natural step.

Through this program, most Lilly insulins can be accessed at a discount of approximately 40 percent – a savings that can be realized immediately at the pharmacy.

When it comes to providing access to insulin, more options are better. While the current system works for many people, some pay full retail price at the pharmacy, forcing difficult trade-offs. We all need to work together to address patient affordability. With this program, Express Scripts is providing an important option for many people with diabetes.

We also know that longer-term solutions are needed, and we are working on more ways to help people who have trouble affording their treatment. In the meantime, Inside RX can provide relief to people who typically pay all-cash for their medicines.

You can find more information about the program at InsideRx.com.

Mike Mason Vice President, US, Lilly Diabetes